Riverdale Robotics

First robotics competitions

On the first Saturday of every year, FIRST releases a challenge to all FRC teams based on a specific theme. After that, teams have six weeks to design, build and program their robot to be able to complete the tasks in the challenge. Later, the teams compete against one another in alliances - groups of 3 teams - in competitions. In our 2018 season, we wll be attending the Ryerson Regional and North Bay Regional Competitions.

2018 season: first power up

Febuary 20th is when build season stops, we hope to give you a showcase of our POWER UP robot around then!

2017 season: first steamworks

The Steamworks competition during our second year was an interesting one, with robots climbing ropes and delivering gears, there was a lot of action on the field.


The Stronghold competition was during our rookie year, as beginners we attempted to cross defenses on the field and shoot boulders into the tower.