Riverdale Robotics

Riverdale Raiders Robotics or R3P2

We are a student-lead high school robotics team that focuses on giving students the experiences and skills they need to navigate the STEM industry. Students are exposed to the dynamics of running a small business and gain valuable teamwork and leaderships skills from their experiences.

What we have been up to

Kickoff: start of the FRC 2018 season

On January the 6th, all FRC teams were introduced with a new challenge for the 2018 season: FIRST POWER UP . Since then, we have been brainstorming designs and coming up with ideas and strategies that will hopefully make our 2018 season a successful one.

Members discussing and brainstorming ideas for robot designs.
Giving a presentation to the Girl Guides

Community Outreach: inspiring the female engineers of tomorrow

In mid-November, a group of female members on our team gave a presentation to a Girl Guides of Canada club about STEM and Robotics, hoping to give them an introduction to the opportunities that they could have in Science and Engineering in high school.

Fundraiser: Care for the Caribbean

In the summer of 2017, 3 disastrous hurricanes hit southern North America, 2 of which immensely affected many islands in the Caribbean. Most of these countries almost completely destroyed and students and children were not able to attend school until much later in the year. Our fundraiser, Care for the Caribbean intends to raise money for this cause and in turn provide students with school supplies, and other technology assests to help them succeed and learn.

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