Riverdale Robotics

The "Le" Story

Named after our hardworking and dedicative founder of the R3P2 team, Nhat Le.


Our team lacked resources such as a dedicated building space and we were low on funds, most of our designs were budget-efficient and simple. Originally, we wanted to incorporate a high goal shooting mechanism and did make many prototypes but ultimately found it difficult to integrate it into our robot design, so opted for a low-goal mechanism instead. Another huge aspect of our robot is its ability to climb a rope effectively, the design for this system consists of a velcro-attaching process. A motor was mounted onto the back of the robot with velcro wrapped around its axis and the rope we used also had velcro sewed onto the bottom so that the rope would attach to the motor easily and quickly.


After world championships, the team continued to improve the shooter mechanism. Originally, the shooter could only score low goal. The final version of Tes-Le was created for both scores and was played in our last off season event at Victoria Park.