Riverdale Robotics

Students who do more with less

At the end of the day, the 40 dedicated students from grade 9 to 12 at Riverdale Collegiate Institute are the people that make this team amazing. From spending long hours working, teaching new members and planning initiatives, R3P2 has inspired students at Riverdale, middle schoolers in our area and many others in our community to embody the principles of FIRST and pursue STEM in their daily lives.

Our executive team

Being the leaders of tomorrow, the executive members on our team inspire all students and lead them to sucess!

YuYing Liang

Team President

Programming Head

Web Design Head

Olivia Mann-Delany

Team Vice President

Mechanial/Build Head

Electrical Head

Gillian Kraus

Mechanical/Build Team Head

Lead Bumper Creator/Designer

Muhana Begum

Leader of Woodworking

Business and Fundraising Leader

Nusrath Hussain

Mechanical/Build Head

Fundraising and Community Outreach Leader

Guy Blumenthal

Programming Head

Electrical Leader

Jeffrey Siu

Build/Mechanical Head

Spencer Kemp

Build/Mechanical Head

Justin Chien

Digital Media Head

aka the amazing person who took most of the photos and videos on this site