Riverdale Robotics

We are a team of Builders,Programmers,and Entrepreneurs

picture of team


Aspiring future mechanical engineers who are in charge of the construction of the robot. Building their problem solving skills, they discuss strategies Devising several prototypes before our competition to maximize the efficiency and quality of the robot.


Writing the instructions to control the pistons, pneumatics, and motors. The programmers code two modes for the robot, autonoumous and teleop. They continuously learn to code in Java, HTML and CSS. Our programming leads mentor students on the basics of robotics, web develpment and robot functionality.

Sub groups of the programming team are Solidworks and 3D printing where they are currenty learning to create 3D models of the robot and give 3D Printing tutorials to the students of Riverdale Collegiate.


Responsible for all the business aspects of the team including fundraising, marketing, team purchases, community outreach, and making the team presentable to the community and at competitions. We also visit local businesses and nonprofit organizations to promote our team so that we can gain inform others of the purpose of our team, and inspire students around us to be involved with programs such as the FIRST Robotics Competition. Most importantly, we help our team gain the financial support needed to help maintain the team and continue giving opportunities for our students to grow their passion in STEM.