Riverdale Raiders Robotics

We are a student-lead high school robotics team that focuses on giving students the experiences and skills they need to navigate the STEM industry. Students are exposed to the dynamics of running a small business and gain valuable teamwork and leaderships skills from their experiences.

What have we been up to?

Best Buy grant

Best Buy Technology Grant

R3P2 is proud to have recently received the Best Buy Technology grant! On January 29th, employees from our nearby Best Buy store met with our team members and mentors to present the check of sum of almost $10 000! We are excited to use these funds to spread the message of FIRST this year and in years to come.

First team meeting

Let's Go Raiders!

The hum and buzz can be heard once again from robotics headquarters at Riverdale. Veterans and rookies alike arrived to room 101 on October 3rd for the first official team meeting of R3P2 of the 2019-2020 season. With a team of over 60 members, we have once again broken our team size record. Training, practice and experimentation are all tasks that our subteams will be undertaking over the next few months before kickoff on January 4th.

2019 robotics fair

Robotics Fair 2019

After hard work from the R3P2 executive team, the 2nd annual robotics fair has now wrapped up. We have furthered our team's presence in the school community and introduced many grade 9s to the wonder that is the FIRST Robotics Competition. We hope to have many students who were involved in the event at lunch apply to join the team. This was a great start to the school year and we are excited to get back to Robotics after the summer break!

dcmp 2019

Ontario District Championships

From April 10th to 13th, R3P2 had the privelage of competing at the Ontario District Championships alongside some of the best teams in the world. We worked hard to qualify throughout the season and were proud to seed 16th out of the 40 teams in the Science division. We also won the championship entrepreneurship award, an amazing feat. Our team finished the competition ranking 57 in the district out of a total of 179 teams! Sadly, this was not enough to qualify for the World Championships in Detroit and as such, this brings an end to the 2019 season for R3P2. We'd like to thank all our sponsors and we hope to see everyone back for next year's season.

Western Uni

Western Engineering District Event

On April 5th, R3P2 packed it's bags and travelled to London, Ontario to compete in the Western Engineering Distrct Event at Western University. The weekend treated us well and at the end of the qualification rounds, 5834 seeded at 11th out of 40 teams! In alliance selection, 5408 graciously invited us to join the fifth alliance alongisde 5596 to face the fourth alliance in playoffs. After a hard fought quarterfinals with a scoring tie and a tiebreaker match, we were sadly eliminated. However with our impressive run at this event, we racked up enough points to qualify for the Ontario District Championships taking place next weekend. We can't wait to see you all there!

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